Ankita Nagar, who cleared the civil judge examination in her fourth attempt, said she used to help her father after completing her preparations.

"Despite three unsuccessful attempts, I did not give up…This struggle opened doors for me and I kept moving forward," Nagar said.

Speaking to PTI on Thursday, Ankita said that even after failing to clear the recruitment examination thrice, she did not deviate from her goal of becoming a judge.

"I have cleared the civil judge Class-II examination in my fourth attempt. I don't have words to express my happiness," she said.

"Despite three unsuccessful attempts, I did not give up and remained focused on achieving my goal. This struggle opened doors for me and I kept moving forward," Ankita said.

While speaking to the news agency, Ankita also said that she used to help her father in his work after completing her exam preparations

Ankita's father said that he along with his wife compromised a lot for their daughter's education and she studied without any privilege.

"We are proud of her. No one should force their daughters to marry but rather get them educated," Ankita's parents said.

Ankita's father sells vegetables at a local market in Indore and her mother washes utensils at a mess. When they got married, they decided that they were not going to give up on their dreams just because they were financially poor.

Ankita's mother taught herself English so that she could help her husband in his business while also encouraging Ankita to study well so that she could become something big one day.

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