Jess who has been a blogger and a writer for a media outlet UrbanAsian just wrote a fictional

contemporary novel “All That She wanted was”. Jess worked on the novel during the

lockdown. The loneliness caused during the pandemic inspired Jess to write a fictional story.

The novel is about a girl’s story to find love. Tara, the main character finds herself on a roller

coaster of life that she has no control over. Everyone else is concerned about her life but

herself. Much like any other young girl in the world? She wants one thing and one thing only… that is love, a husband, and a house she would call home…..

Marriage is not at the top of her list? But it is a race that needs to be won. Everyone is running towards this trophy called husband. In fact, marriage is considered to be a solution to fix all problems. Much before she even comes to know,  she is taking part in the same race….. what happens next? Does she find her prince charming or the love of her life? Will there be a happily ever after?

All That She Wanted Was is very much a real-life story of many women around the world who decided to get married as they felt that it was the right thing to do.  Can life really change for the better? For some yes it can but for many others, it takes a turn that is rather unexpected. The novel outlines a somewhat real-life-like story and it may resonate to some extent with most readers.

“This Pandemic has been tough. Not being able to talk to or see your friends and family has

been really tough. I am not sure when I started to escape from my loneliness on paper and started to

write a novel. I love how I could make new characters and speak to them…. it was beautiful”

says Jess.

The purpose of the book is to entertain and she hopes everyone enjoys the read.

The book is available to purchase here:

The book will be available on all online platforms including Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and FriesenPress Bookstore.

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