Musa Yamak, Germany's unbeaten heavyweight champion, died of a heart attack during a match in Munich against Uganda's Hamza Wandera.

On Twitter, a Turkish official confirmed that the 38-year-old German boxer, Musa Yamak, died in the ring in the middle of a battle, which shocked the entire boxing world.

"We lost our compatriot Musa Askan Yamak, a boxer from Alucra who won European and Asian championships, at a young age after a heart attack," Turkish official Hasan Turan stated on Twitter.

Yamak fainted while attempting to enter the third round of his ninth professional fight near Munich, Germany, according to reports. 
Despite prompt medical assistance, the 38-year-old died at the scene.

Notably, Musa Yamak turned pro in 2017 and flourished after winning the WBFed International title in 2021.

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