Nikhat Zareen of India wins the Women's World Boxing Championships gold medal.
Nikhat Zareen, 25, of India, won gold in the 52-kg category at the Women's World Boxing Championships 2022 on Thursday.

In the final, Nikhat defeated Thailand's Jitpong Jutamas. In the history of the Women's World Boxing Championships, India has won a total of ten gold medals, with Mary Kom winning six of them.

Nikhat Zareen, from Nizamabad, Telangana, was the sole Indian to reach the finals at this year's Women's World Championship in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by the International Boxing Association (IBA).

She defeated Caroline De Almeida of Brazil 5-0 in the semifinals of the flyweight (52 kg) division. She also won two gold medals in the Strandja Memorial event in February, making her the first Indian woman to accomplish this feat.

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