Odisha Bus Owners’ Association Temporarily Suspends Strike, Agree to Postpone Protest”

The All Odisha Bus Owners’ Association has decided to call off the proposed strike, at least until October 31.

Following a productive discussion with the government, General Secretary Debendra Sahu of the Association shared the good news. He explained, “We currently have no objections to the government’s bus services from Panchayat to block headquarters. Additionally, there are no plans for the government to introduce bus services under LAccMI from block to district headquarters until October 31. As a result, we have temporarily suspended our strike until that date.”

Sahu also mentioned that the next steps will be determined after October 31. He highlighted the bus owners’ request regarding the ‘Mo Bus’ services, emphasizing the potential challenges they could face in rural areas. The government has agreed to consider their demand and has scheduled a meeting on October 13 for further discussion.

Previously, the bus owners had planned an indefinite strike, set to begin on October 10, to protest against the government’s Location-Accessible Multimodal Initiative (LAccMI) and the introduction of ‘Mo Bus’ services in rural areas. These initiatives aimed to provide affordable transportation, connecting gram panchayats to block headquarters, district headquarters, and major cities.

Let’s stay tuned for updates on the outcome of the October 13 meeting and continue to work towards a transportation system that benefits everyone in Odisha. 🛣️🚍



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