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“Rescue Operation in Silkyara Tunnel: Experts and Robots Deployed to Save Trapped Workers”

Silkyara/Dehradun, Nov 21 (UNI) The first pictures of all the 41 workers trapped in the debris of the under-construction Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi district since November 12 were made public on Tuesday morning.

The pictures were taken with an endoscopic flexi camera, officials said.

The authorities have also deployed two robots, which have started the work of entering the tunnel.

Experts and machines from all over the world are being used to save the lives of the workers trapped in the tunnel, with the work now progressing on a war footing.

On Monday, an additional six-inch wide pipeline was successfully laid in the tunnel.

Besides, the alternative road being constructed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) over the tunnel is nearing completion.

The officials said efforts will be made to remove the trapped workers by using drilling machines from the top of the tunnel.

In Silkyara, Dehradun, the situation is providing some hopeful news for the trapped workers in the undamaged Silkyara tunnel. Using an endoscopic flexi camera, officials were able to capture and release the first images of all 41 workers who have been trapped in the debris since November 12 in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand. In addition to this method, authorities have also deployed two robots to enter the tunnel and assist in the rescue efforts.

The rescue operation is being conducted on an urgent basis, with the involvement of experts and cutting-edge machinery from around the world. The goal is to save the precious lives of the workers stuck in the tunnel, and significant progress is being made in this regard. Recently, a six-inch wide pipeline was successfully laid within the tunnel, which is an important step forward.

Moreover, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is diligently constructing an alternative road over the tunnel, which is nearing completion. This will provide an additional pathway for the rescue operation and aid in expediting the process.

Moving forward, the rescue team plans to employ drilling machines from the top of the tunnel to extract the trapped workers. These machines will be utilized with caution and precision to ensure the safety of those inside.

Every effort is being made to bring relief to the workers and reunite them with their loved ones. The combined use of innovative technology, coordinated international cooperation, and the tireless dedication of rescue teams, is an emblem of global solidarity in times of adversity.



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