Taiwan plans to gradually ease border restrictions and lift the quarantine policy for arrivals in two phases, according to the Cabinet-level Central Epidemic Command Center.
Beginning at midnight Sept. 29, the first phase includes increasing the weekly cap of arrivals to 60,000 and ending the on-arrival saliva PCR test for inbound travelers, the CECC said.
Individuals who have experienced any potential COVID-19 symptoms in the 14 days before arrival should voluntarily report their symptoms through the Quarantine System for Entry, receive a health assessment by a quarantine officer upon landing and undergo a test at the airport, port or hospital, the center added.
According to the CECC, all passengers aged two and above will be provided with four rapid test home kits before leaving the airport. In addition to taking quarantine taxis, travelers can get picked up by family members, friends, or vehicles arranged through their companies or organizations, as long as disease prevention protocols are followed, the center said.
Arrivals still need to observe the mandatory policy of three days of quarantine and four days of self-initiated epidemic prevention at their home or the residence of a friend or family member that meets the requirement of one person per room, the CECC said. Border and epidemic prevention measures will be adjusted on a rolling basis according to pandemic developments, the center added.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan is set to restore visa-exempt entry for nationals of eligible countries. Visa-free visitors can engage in business, exhibitions, inspections, international exchanges and sightseeing, as well as family and social visits, the MOFA said.
However, those who intend to participate in activities that require a permit according to the laws and regulations of relevant agencies must still obtain one, the MOFA said. Those who plan to enter Taiwan for purposes that require qualifications, such as religious work, must obtain a visa from an R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas mission prior to arrival, the ministry added.
Latest CECC statistics confirm 6,172,769 COVID-19 cases and 10,743 deaths in Taiwan. (DL-E)


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